Travail à l'année

A year round involvement

To offer quality Christmas trees, it is a long-term occupation. Before the Christmas tree reaches your living room, it requires many years of attentive care.


When comes spring, we plant some 60,000 transplants on our farms. Normally, a transplant will spend five years in the nursery and ten years out in the field in order to reach the harvesting point to be considered ready for the retail lot.



In June, a very esthetic tree care is carried on. The cones and witches brooms are removed. Also, we see to spraying if needed in order to keep the trees healthy and their appearance assured.

Travail à l'année - cocotte
Travail à l'année - balais de sorcieres

Clearing the bases

It is during this period that we proceed to the removing lower brushes to clear the base of the trees, bearing in mind that it will make it easier when will come time to cut the trees five years down the road.

Tagging trees

When will come July or August, we walk through the plantations to tag the trees according to the grading system and evaluate the inventory at the same time.

Collecting cones

In September, we collect cones from our seed orchard trees for their splendid look and their genetic traits. Eventually, these seeds will be sown in the nursery bed for future rotation.

Harvesting brush

At the end of October, when comes the first frosts, we cut the branches for boughs; some will be used for making our wreaths and other products. Others will be bundled ready for shipping. We carefully select the nicest and greenest branches. On top of it all, we make sure they stay fresh bearing in mind the quality of the final product.

Making blankets, garlands and wreaths

In November, we get in production mode. It is the time when workers are busily preparing the different items for decorations needed for the holiday season.

Travail à l'année - fabrication

Harvesting trees

In November, it is the grand time to start harvesting the trees. These are selected according to each of our customers’ criteria. They are immediately stored in the shade in order to preserve the humidity rate.

Loading trees

In mid-November, it is the shipping process that clicks in. Our trees are delivered to the United-States (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhodes Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania and Florida) and in Canada to Ontario and Quebec.


Resting time

From December until snow melting days, it is considered the quiet period. The whole team is enjoying a well-deserved break before engaging in the spring process.