Nicholas Plantations is a young dynamic and flourishing enterprise which started in the Beauce region of Quebec. Francis Gilbert, the owner, has over 25 years of experience in the field of Christmas trees and connected products. As he depicts it: “I was born under a Balsam fir.”
As a matter of fact, he inherited his passion from his father and wishes to hand it over to his children, Marie-Laurence, Nicholas and Elsa.

Quality first

In the domain of Christmas trees, quality and reliability make the whole difference for a winning relationship with the client. The experienced team and the growing methods are what allows a competitive price.

At Nicholas Plantations, the success depends on the result of their quality products by most of all the reliability, the regularity and the innovation. This is the reason Francis Gilbert has surrounded himself by a strong team of collaborators, starting with the ones working the land with him to the business partners.

The enterprises working with Nicholas Plantations are carefully selected to guarantee that they respect the same criteria. Each step is important, from the start of the production to the after sale service including the wreaths making to the on time deliveries.

An enterprise on a human scale

When you are dealing with Nicholas Plantations, you are dealing directly with the owner: no middleman, no loss of information. Once an agreement is concluded, there is no bad surprises to foresee. Furthermore, the enterprise is sufficiently large enough to supply a large volume of trees and guarantee an on time delivery.