The species of trees available

At Nicholas Plantations, we offer different sizes and species of trees to meet all your preferences. With more than 500,000 trees in production, we can easily supply you to meet your orders. We deliver to the United States (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhodes Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania and Florida. We also cover areas in Ontario and Quebec.

The Balsam Fir

The Balsam Fir is a tree whose reputation is well established. It is a long-time favorite because of its dark green color, the softness of its branches and of course mainly for its fragrance. These are the reasons we grant it the title “King of the forests”. This tree is offered for all preferences, choices, budget and sizes.

Baumier - sapin

The Fraser Fir

This robust and splendid tree is a native of the United States. It has been imported and grown on certain Quebec farms for many years now. It is easily identified by its blueish color. Its rounder needles allow a better needle retention. Added to these characteristics, its branches are stiffer granting it the possibility of hanging the decorations further out.

Fraser - sapin
Fraser - branche - sapin

The Silver Special

Nicholas Plantations have developed its own variety of fir tree: “The Silver Special” It is the result of crossing various trees. Each one was selected for its quality. Easily identifiable because of its unique silvery blue color, it is a tree that stands out because of its beauty. It is comparable to the Fraser Fir for its good needle retention. Similarly, to the Balsam Fir, it provides a pleasant odor.

It is therefore the best of both worlds.

Silver Special - sapin
Silver special - branche - sapin

The large size trees

We also offer large size Christmas trees grown to meet all the demands of our customers.

These trees are cut later in the harvesting season in order to preserve their freshness and their grand appearance as long as possible. We can supply trees measuring from 10ft to 35ft.

Grande dimension - sapin